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Various Sights Of WaltropWelcome to the city of boat lifts. And welcome on the website of the city of Waltrop.

Waltrop is a charming and charismatic city in the eastern part of the Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr area). It belongs to the district of Recklinghausen, but our city is a direct neighbour of Dortmund, too.

Over 30.000 people live and work in Waltrop. They enjoy a high standard of housing quality, several possibilities of local recreation as well as a wide range of cultural events and a variety of well-known sights.

Due to its location between the pulsating Ruhrgebiet and the rural Münsterland, Waltrop is a particular city. It is known for its fabulous countryside but also for its outstanding boat lifts.

The former coal mine ‘Zeche Waltrop’ is nowadays known for its flourishing industrial park which is also part of the most beautiful industrial monument in this region. The historic part of the city centre is one of the oldest remaining medieval city centres in the Ruhrgebiet.

Despite of the fact that Waltrop appears to be green and cosy, it still offers a modern standard city life including great opportunities for innovation and economic growth.

We invite you to get an insight of our city. Our website provides you a lot of interesting background information, facts and details.

You can find out more about statistics and facts of the present and information about the history of Waltrop. Beyond that you can find out more about our cultural events as the Waltroper Parkfest or Waltrop as living space and location of industry and commerce. 

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